The Silent Night – An event that no one went to

The Wellington City Mission, renowned for its innovative and unconventional fundraising strategies, saw an opportunity for Christmas of 2022.   

What if Sky Stadium could be packed to the brim, with the proceeds channelled to support the most vulnerable during the Christmas Season? The problem was, hosting an event at the stadium may prove too costly and defeat the purpose of the event. And thus, the concept of “The Silent Night” was born. However, the City Mission was confronted with the challenge of selling over 34,000 tickets, they needed a plan. To complete such a monumental goal, they enlisted the help of Lowe & Co Realty.  


The real estate agency, recognized for its iconic billboards, opted to make a profound statement. Every Lowe & Co billboard across the city was devoted to promoting the cause of The Silent Night. Bearing slogans like “A round of silent applause” and “We’re not going. Are you?” These billboards became an unmissable presence in the city, and locals caught on quick.  


On the 21st of December 2022, a sold-out sky stadium was dead silent. No music played through the speakers, and not one of the 34,000 ticket holders claimed their seat. An impressive sum of $327,939 was raised by local patrons. In an unprecedented turn of events, an event with no one in attendance was an outstanding success.


Lowe and Co Realty are strengthening their support of the mission and look forward to providing more information of projects moving forward.


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