Selling in 2023?

The benefits of a Mid-January Marketing Campaign.

If you are wanting to sell in 2023 there is a window of opportunity after Christmas where owners can enjoy reduced competition. It is no secret that house prices in Wellington fell significantly in 2022 as well as the number of transactions so to ensure you’re extracting every single dollar from the current market you want to list your home when there is less available choice for buyers.

Why is Mid-January a great time to list?

What typically happens with the holidays is that owners have a reset of their plans over the summer break and often significant decisions such as selling the house is finalised over this time. Once this decision is made, it often takes a month of preparation before the home is ready for photography which means a list of date of February when a flood of property hits the market.

By spending your December and holiday period in preparation mode means you get first mover advantage and will be ready to hit the market whilst buyers are online searching for the next home whilst laying on the beach.

With stock level will dropping heading into Christmas and will remaining low until February as both lawyers and agents take a well-deserved break all your hard work in December could mean you sell for much more.

Happy selling.


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