Sell now to get a jump-start on your competition

There is a common misperception that all homes sell faster and for more money in the Summer. This is true for some properties whose best redeeming features are complimented by sun, but it does not make it necessarily true for all properties. What owners forget is that like any market, property works on supply and demand meaning during the summer months the market is flooded with stock reducing the average number of buyer inspections.

The common misperception that you should never sell in Winter is very misleading and it’s important that owners remember that people are constantly needing to relocate for work, upsize their home due to growing families or downsize due to changes in family circumstances regardless of the weather. 

With less homes on the market in Winter/early Spring selling now is a great way to maximise your sale price. Selling whilst there is less competition in your market puts the seller in the driver’s seat. This lack of competition in the market means that buyers are willing to push their boundaries on price to secure a purchase. 

As an owner looking to sell in 2022, the key takeaway from this blog is that regardless of the season there will always be buyers in the market. Sell in isolation, not in competition. 


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