Meet the team – Celia

At the core of a successful real estate transaction is amindasation and process. company are numerous essential components. While perhaps less recognized, admin roles, particularly the ‘Client Relationship Manager’ (CRM), play an indispensable role in background operations. As a CRM, I am tasked with nurturing and maintaining relationships between the my team and its clients, orchestrating appointments, and overseeing every aspect before and after a property goes live and sells.

During the initial stages, my responsibilities include introducing myself to clients, setting up listing details, and efficiently organizing essential tasks, such as staging and professional cleaning if requested by vendors. The CRM functions as a walking calendar, reminding the team of crucial events and ensuring vendors approve necessary work to enhance a property’s value. Once a property hits the market, CRMs actively monitor interest, schedule appointments, coordinate open homes, and facilitate the tender process.

Following the successful sale of a property, my focus shifts to closing sale work, involving the organization of transaction paperwork, officially concluding the sale, and analysing feedback from both clients and buyers. As settlement approaches, I coordinate the distribution of ‘Sold’ letters for surrounding properties and, finally, curate a thoughtful gift for clients as they embark on the journey to their new homes.


Selling with Louis is a cost-effective experience that combines insightful market knowledge, reliable communication and cross-platform marketing to achieve exceptional results.