How to out-market your competition

The housing market has changed drastically over the last twelve months and Wellington has swung
from a sellers’ market to a buyers’ market. The key to getting your property sold in this market is strategy. Vendors need to market their property in way that shows greater relative value in the eyes of the buyers.

There are several things a vendor can do to show relative value in comparison to competing properties. The first thing a vendor can do is present their property immaculately so the professional photos standout. Great photos create buyer engagement which inturn creates busy open homes.

Its best practice to ensure lawns are pristine, the garden is tidy, the house is clean and bright, heating is on. Once the presentation has drawn the buyers to your property it will also help your property to stand out in their minds after the viewings. Well presented properties are more likely to
withdraw an emotional connection with a buyer.

The second thing that a vendor can do to show relative value is to get the marketing price right. If marketing the price is too high at the beginning of the marketing campaign this will not excite the buyers and will lead to low inspection numbers and poor open homes turn outs. On the flip-side, if the pricing is being received well from the market agents should receive steady enquiry and inspection request throughout the campaign.

Immaculate presentation and an exciting marketing price are a sure-fire way to ‘out-market’ your competing vendors in your suburb.


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