Easter Fun Day

As the winter chill sets in and the pace of the new year begins to settle, families start seeking opportunities for joyful outings and activities to keep the kids entertained. If you’re wondering what’s in store for the upcoming months, look no further! We’re excited to announce that our annual Easter Fun Day is locked in for Saturday, March 30th. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

  • Get ready for the annual colouring contest, we have an absolute blast with our young artists participating in our colouring and the most impressive artworks stand a chance to win! These will be heading out soon to all local schools so keep an eye out.
  • We have an array of exciting activities that keep the little ones entertained and smiling from ear to ear. Imagine the delight on their faces as our talented artists transform them with vibrant and creative face paintings. Plus, our skilled balloon artists craft amazing balloon animals and shapes, leaving the kids utterly amazed!
  • Thanks to the generous support of Miramar New World, we treat everyone to a FREE sausage sizzle. It’s a delicious way to refuel and enjoy some mouthwatering food while soaking in the festive atmosphere.
  • Every child who joins us on this special day receives free Easter eggs and other spot prizes.
  • A special guest star, the Easter Bunny will be making an appearance!
  • Parents don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too, there will be a coffee cart on site.
Who can resist a holiday centered around chocolate and a chance to connect with the community? We’re thrilled to offer this opportunity to give back to Miramar and celebrate together.
Save the date and join us for a day filled with laughter, fun and community spirit. We can’t wait to celebrate Easter with you!
It’s a hopping good time at the Miramar Community Centre!
When: Saturday the 30th of March, 11am – 1pm 
Where: Miramar & Maupuia Community Centre (27 Chelsea Street, Miramar)


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