How do we maximise the value of our house sale?

How do we maximise the value of our house sale? It is a question every vendor will or should ask their agent. Most vendors make the common mistake of thinking costly, extensive renovations are the way to accomplish this. Yes, renovations can drive up the price of your home, but it is not guaranteed. Sellers also tend to underestimate a buyer’s desire to add value and their own design flair to a home.  Experience in the industry has taught me a few tricks that will help maximise the value of your home without breaking the bank. 

Presentation of the property is the number one thing you can do to maximise the value of your sale. The presentation of the exterior of the house is critical. Make your home stand out on the street, all potential buyers will remember seeing your home for the first time. Make that first impression count. Here are some easy tips to help you ace that first impression. Make sure your lawns and gardens are looking fresh and tidy. Keep the lawns freshly mowed and the trees tidied. Give the house a wash or a waterblast as well as any external areas such as driveways or paving. If your entrance, gutters or letterbox need a repaint, do them, you do not necessarily have to paint the whole exterior. 

Another common mistake often made when selling a home; is to overfocus on the kitchen and the bathroom when thinking about maximising the interior value. Again, my experience in the industry has helped to isolate some tricks to increase value without over capitalisation. One of the best things you can do is to maximise the floor space, show off the space that you have, remove any clutter or unnecessary furniture. Get organised, empty your cabinets and storage cupboards. The last important tip internally is to bring your home to life, update it, give it a freshen up. Buy some new indoor plants, some new linen, a few tasteful prints for the wall, perhaps a new light. All these small investments will add value to your house sale whilst keeping your overheads at a minimal. 

Another important step to help maximise the value of your house sale is to commission a building inspection. This allows for transparency for both owner and buyer. This will help you as the vendor to understand the condition the property is currently in. It also gives confidence to the prospective buyers that the vendors are not hiding any potential issues from them. Any issues that do arise from the report we would recommend getting some quotes for that we can pass onto inquiring buyers. This again, will help with the buyer’s perception of a fully informed, transparent transaction. 

One of the final touches that can add significant value to your sale is staging. Having your house staged with ideal furniture can help buyers to imagine living in your home. Staging helps the buyer’s creativity to grab them and start envisaging what they could do with the space. It also allows you to capture some amazing imagery for marketing. When thinking about photos, make sure the house is immaculate, it is the little details that will make your photos pop. Make sure your cushions are plump and neatly placed, the beds are made nice and tidily, the vacuuming is done, the mirrors have been cleaned. 

Selling a home does not require a significant capital investment to maximise value. It can be about maximising your house’s existing assets and making them stand out as well as tidying up existing features. Transparency goes far in terms of buyer’s perception, obtaining a builder’s report and creating an open conversation about the current condition of the property are critical steps required in maximising value. 


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